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Good on its own, exceptional filled

The Paffutella is a sweet bun that will delight your customers and boost your earnings overnight. This brioche has a fun, playful name, it’s soft and fragrant, and your customers will fall in love at first bite. Paffutella is always fresh thanks to the single-product package in a controlled atmosphere, and it’s very easy to prepare. You just need to open the package, cut it in two, and use one of its three cream tube fillers. A sprinkling of icing sugar is the finishing touch, and that’s it. It’s just perfect for breakfast, a snack or quick meal, you may enjoy this bundle of sweetness at any time.

Technical information

70 g.
+4° / +28° C
90 days

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Kit paffutella

Product individually packed in modified atmosphere capsule, available with "kit paffutella" only for orders of 80 capsules. The kit includes 8 bottles of filling, sugar caster and cake stand with dome.

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