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Tasty by tradition

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Small but sweet and traditionally made.


It takes more than just a recipe

Our day begins at dawn, when we start to shape the dough into the raw buns which are left to rise for at least 24hrs.

Artisanal goodness handled with care

The following day, the previously prepared buns are brushed with egg before entering the warm embrace of the oven.

A modern-day ancient tradition

After 10 minutes of blazing heat the brioches are removed from the oven, left to rest, and packaged in their special protective vacuum-packed capsule, ready to be shipped around the world.

Our speciality

Brioche. Queen of the pastries.

The undisputed queen of our speciality products, the delicious Brioche co' Tuppu is baked only on request, guaranteeing unrivalled freshness every single time.

Being able to enjoy a brioche as if it were fresh out of the oven at any time speaks for itself as the best that we and the Sicilian pastry tradition in general have to offer the world.

Your brioche will stay fragrant thanks to the innovative stay-fresh capsule.

Stay-fresh capsule

Freshly-baked goodness.

Quality comes from love, but above all from transparency. Just like our stay-fresh capsule: innovative, single-product, controlled atmosphere packaging, capable of keeping each brioche soft and fresh for over 2 months.

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