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The alternative to the ice-cream cone that makes your business even sweeter.

100% Sicilian, always fresh. An artisan product with only high-quality ingredients. Our Brioche “co’ tuppu”, which takes its name from the traditional bun hairstyle of Sicilian women, is a traditional sweet bread highly popular with Sicilians and tourist alike, and its uniqueness offers a fair return on both image and turnover. The only one with zero waste thanks to our special recyclable, single-dose protective capsule, which allows you to keep all the buns you need in the pantry, unpacking them one at a time without any fear that the remaining brioches will deteriorate. Make an impression! Provide your customers with a real gourmet experience Made in Sicily.

Technical information

70 g.
+4° / +28° C
70 days

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Stay-fresh MAP capsule!

This product has been packaged individually in a stay-fresh MAP capsule that eliminates waste and keeps the product's qualities intact.

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