Candied oranges in chocolate.


Have you ever tried making candied orange peel? This is a very simple and quick recipe, which can be very useful for decorating desserts. They are also excellent to eat alone, perhaps at the end of the meal to “help digestion”. And try them dipped in hot chocolate: you won’t be able to do without them anymore.
5 oranges
400 g of sugar
200 g of water
Extra dark chocolate to taste
Cut the orange peels into strips a little less than 1 cm wide following the direction of the segments and cook them in a pan full of boiling water for a couple of minutes. After this time, they should be left to cool, then repeat the same operation two more times, taking care to change the water each time.

Once you have removed all the bitter taste from the orange peels, drain the peels and weigh them, then prepare a syrup of water and sugar in a pan, taking care that the weight of each of these two ingredients is equal to the weight of the drained peels. Immerse the peels in the syrup and let them cook, stirring frequently, until the syrup has dried completely.

Once cooked, leave the candied orange peels to dry completely and then proceed with partial immersion of them in melted chocolate in a bain-marie.

Use orange peels to accompany a tea, perhaps sipped in the company of friends.