Cannoli di ricotta:


Sicilian cannoli are probably the most famous and typical product of the Sicilian confectionery art: a real indulgence for gourmets who cannot resist the temptation to try it.

The cannoli is a dessert consisting of a cylindrical shell of fried dough, filled with a mixture of ricotta, sugar and candied fruit to taste. It is a typical Sicilian specialty, the ancient recipe of which came out of the seclusion of a Palermo convent, like many of the desserts made in this splendid region.

The name comes from the Vulgar Latin of the shrub “canna”, with an empty cylindrical stem, which in ancient times served for various ordinary uses.

A joke, as they say, for priests, born in a forgotten monastery and subsequently propagated by the Palermo pastry shop: a carnival joke of the time made it come out of a tap (cannoli in Sicilian, the very ancient term found in documents that attest to the meaning of the word cane, which served as cinnamon for troughs and fountains) ricotta cream instead of water. In short, the name says it all.

But let’s see together step by step how to prepare cannoli at home without too much effort:


The “glimpse” (the casing)

400 grams of flour
75 grams of lard
40 grams of granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 egg white
a pinch of salt
15 grams of bitter cocoa
60 grams of dry Marsala
60 grams of white vinegar
Cylindrical molds for packaging cannoli
Peanut oil for frying
For the ricotta cream

1 kilo of very fresh sheep’s ricotta
600 grams of sugar
A pinch of ground cinnamon (the contents of a vanilla pod are better)
150 grams of dark chocolate chips
Candied orange peels (1 per cannoli)

Let’s prepare the “shortcuts”
If you have the possibility, use a planetary mixer with the paddle attachment, then mix flour, sugar, cocoa and salt. Add the lard to the flour mixture and mix well, then add the eggs, let them absorb and finally continue to work adding the Marsala and the vinegar until you obtain a dough that is not too soft but consistent. Form a ball, wrap it in cling film and place in the fridge for at least an hour.
Roll out the dough to a thin thickness (you can use a sheeter, ending up with a thickness similar to that of tagliatelle), gradually dusting both the work surface and the dough with flour. When you have reached the desired thickness, cut out disks with a diameter of approximately 10 cm. (you can help yourself with a pastry cutter). Wrap the disks in the oiled cinnamon rolls, joining the edges and brushing them with the beaten egg white. Fry in plenty of hot oil, two or three at a time. As soon as the pasta is a nice dark golden color, drain and leave to cool on absorbent kitchen paper.

Let’s prepare the ricotta cream

If the ricotta is very moist, as it should be, let it drain so as to eliminate most of the whey. Mix the ricotta well with the sugar. Leave to rest for an hour and then sieve it. At this point add the cinnamon and dark chocolate.

We package the cannoli

Fill the peels with the cream and smooth out the extreme parts using a knife, place on a tray and dust with icing sugar and finally place the candied orange peel on the edge.

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